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The Leaders’ Lab with DrCharityTV 28: ✨3 Ways to Give Constructive Criticism to Your Team✨

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I’m your host, Dr. Charity C. Campbell affectionately known as Dr. C and I can’t wait to dig into today’s topic!

3 Ways to Give Constructive Criticism to Your Team

  • What is constructive criticism?
    • Businessterms.org defines it as providing feedback in a manner that acknowledges both the positives and where there is room for improvement instead of solely focusing on the negative.
    • It is a leadership skill.
    • Why is constructive criticism important?
      • The Sandwich Method – PNP
    • State the positive
    • Discuss the negative
    • End with positive

Mastering the skill of giving constructive criticism can help reach desired results much quicker than simply pointing out/addressing the negative.

2. SECOND POINT: 3 Ways to give constructive criticism

  1. Focus on the strengths, then provide critique about the areas of improvements, and follow-up with a reiteration of the positive comments/strengths given at the start of the conversation. Some of the following examples were found on https://personalexcellence.co/blog/constructive-criticism/.
  2. Focus on the situation, not the person.
    • Detach the situation from the person by taking them out of the equation and focus on the situation – whether action, behavior, issue – up for review.
    • Comment on the issue, not the person.
      1. The presentation was incoherent vs. You looked confused and unprepared.
    • Avoid personal attacks.
      1. You’re lazy; you’re irresponsible; I’m frustrated with your performance; etc.
    • Use passive voice as opposed to active voice. Passive voice shifts the attention from the person to the subject matter.
      1. You didn’t do what was asked vs. What was asked was not done.
  3. Give recommendations on how to improve
    • Your recommendations can be delivered in a way that softens the blow caused by the negative feedback portion.
    • Helps team members understand the call to action.
    • Giving recommendations can give your team a clear picture of the changes you want to see.

Let’s dig in!

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