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The Leaders’ Lab with DrCharityTV 26: ✨8 Empowering Ways to Affirm Your Team as an Entreleader✨

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You’re listening to ??? ???????’ ??? podcast where we talk all things leadership, communication and, learning how to balance multiple passions as a millennial professional.

I’m your host, Dr. Charity C. Campbell affectionately known as Dr. C and I can’t wait to dig into today’s topic!

✨8 Empowering Ways to Affirm Your Team as an Entreleader✨

• What does it mean to affirm someone?
o Merriam Webster defines it as a transitive verb meaning to validate, to state positively, and to assert something such as a judgement or decree.
• Why is affirmation important?
o Affirmation is important because it is a nurturing communication style.
How we communicate with ourselves
How we communicate with others
Teams could be more effective and have a higher rate of job satisfaction serving a leader who affirms, encourages and motivates them to serve in a premier capacity.


• Practice Spontaneous Praise
i. Holds more value than a scheduled/expected timeline of praise
• Be Supportive and Encouraging
i. Never underestimate the value of your support and encouragement.
• Acknowledge Actions & Efforts
i. When team members feel like their work is taken for granted, it can weaken their overall morale and enthusiasm about their designated tasks.
• Be Polite.
i. Remember to thank your team publicly and privately.
ii. Appreciation goes a long way!
• Consider your non-verbal cues of affirmation
i. Facial expressions
ii. The power of a smile, encouraging nod
• Listening is a form of affirmation!
i. Genuinely listening to your team members’ concerns and cares about issues that are important to them validates your acknowledgement of their presence on the team. You don’t always have to be right. #prideful
ii. They’re not deemed as invisible!
• Notice the little things
• Consider different angles of the issue to reach a mutually beneficial solution

Before you affirm someone else, Don’t forget to affirm yourself! Grab your copy of 31 Powerful Affirmations to Transform Your Mind – linktr.ee/drcharitytv

Let’s dig in!

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