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The Leaders’ Lab with DrCharityTV 24: ✨The Best Way for Entreleaders to Overcome Challenges Before They Begin✨

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You’re listening to ??? ???????’ ??? podcast where we talk all things leadership, communication and, learning how to balance multiple passions as a millennial professional.

I’m your host, Dr. Charity C. Campbell affectionately known as Dr. C and I can’t wait to dig into today’s topic!

The Best Way for Entreleaders to Overcome Challenges Before They Begin

1. Being an entrepreneur comes with many challenges and obstacles.

Some of these everyday problems include:

“figuring out how to get clients…”

“building a team…”

“learning how to delegate tasks without micromanaging…”

“finding like-minded business associates and partners…”

“Trusting partners to hold up their end of the bargain…”

“Achieving exponential revenue growth.”

“getting traction for their product/service.”

“Finding a good web design company or social media manager.”

“managing capital…”

“Finding payment gateways that will allow you actually make a profit from a product/service sold without having to pay high fees per transaction…”

And more.

Challenges are inevitable and although we may not be able to control the challenge, we can control how we manage our emotions and responding to challenges as opposed to reacting to them.

2. second point: Preparing your mind for challenges before they even happen

  • A. Deal with the negative self-talk
    • i. Transforming your inner dialogue from negative to positive is easier said than done for some people. If you’ve lived a life where you’ve always seen the negative instead of the positive – whether in yourself, your situations or in others – this transformation may be tougher than it is for someone who hasn’t been a life-long pessimist. However, not all hope is lost because the good news is, you are the one in control of your thoughts and your thoughts control your inner dialogue.
  • B. Transform the negative self-talk about your challenge into a positive affirmation – Instead of thinking negatively about yourself or your situation, flip the script and say the opposite of what your mind is saying. Instead of thinking, “I’ll never build a team or find the right people to fill these vacancies,” open your mouth and declare words of affirmation, “I have everyone and everything I need to prosper.”

Instead of speaking the challenge, speak the change that you want to see.

Challenge: “figuring out how to get clients…”

Change: “High-quality paying clients are searching for what I have to offer and they are finding me.”

Challenge: “learning how to delegate tasks without micromanaging…”

Change: “I train and trust my team/partners to effectively complete the tasks assigned to them.”

Challenge: “finding like-minded business associates and partners…”

Change: “I am blessed to partner with like-minded, high-quality business associates that produce mutually beneficial outcomes.”

Challenge: “managing capital”

Change: “I am a good steward over my business’ finances.”

  • C. The more you transform your mind, the more equipped you’ll be to overcome challenges that will inevitably arise. Practicing positivity isn’t about disregarding the problem or issue, but instead acknowledging that you will find a way to solve it. And trust me—you will. After all, you’ll never overcome an obstacle if you’re constantly allowing it to get the best of you.

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