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Startup Marketing Leader Tony Ahn 6 Leadership Cornerstones

Startup Marketing Leader Tony Ahn's Six Cornerstones of Leadership

Special Guest on the

Leader's Lab Podcast

Tony Ahn is a marketing leader with a particular expertise in marketing startups.

He has worked in the startup space for over a decade and has helped numerous companies achieve success. Tony's skills include creating and executing go-to-market strategies, building brand awareness, and driving customer acquisition. 

Of his work, one of his colleagues once said "Tony, your business card should have a photo of you wearing fatigues and a bandolier of ammo while chomping a cigar! You are the guerrilla marketing KING." 

Tony specializes in marketing seed stage and series A startups, which are often cash-strapped, which is why he's a master of guerrilla marketing tactics.

Tony is agency-trained, having headed the first digital services team at the largest integrated marketing communications agency in the Philippines.

Next, he went on to open his own agency—Tony Ahn & Co.—with offices in Manila and Seattle, which launched and marketed dozens of American, Australian, British, Singaporean, and Filipino startups in the decade that he led it. 

In 2015 Philippine society magazine Rogue called him a “digital PR pioneer” and “the unseen hand that shapes public perception of some of the biggest names in the Philippines.”

In 2020 he made the decision to jump the fence and go from agency-side to client-side, serving as Director of Product Marketing for Intry, an American Software-as-a-Service startup based in Austin that uses AI to remove bias from the recruitment & hiring process.

As is witnessed in this special episode, Tony Ahn is an experienced marketing leader who has a proven track record in helping startups achieve success. If you are looking for help with your marketing efforts, Tony Ahn would be a great person to consult with.

Watch Tony Ahn on the Leader's Lab

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