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want to know how to Pray for your Future husband?

Did you know that as a queen, your words have power to enhance the king in a man?  What you say and pray over your future king can make or break him - or even worse, delay his arrival!

The prayers in this book will help you shift your words and focus on strategic ways to cover your king in prayer, and to receive guidance and blessings in becoming the praying queen that he needs.

With prayers like these, you will be able to develop an intimate relationship with God as He prepares you for your unique marriage. You will also learn how to pray effectively for your future husband, submit yourself to Him, and become the powerful catalyst of change through prayer.


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Sample prayers from the book

"Lord, I pray for my future husband's spiritual backbone.

I pray that it is strengthened and that as he faces testing and trials that he will feel backed by You.

May he understand that he is powerful. Open his eyes so he may see the strength that You have given him.

When others may try to sway him in the wrong directions, may he stand firm on what is right."

Prayer #19

"Lord, today I ask You to discipline the disappointments of my future husband.

He has plans and ideas for his future that currently may not seem possible. Remind him that what is impossible with man (or even just by himself), is positively possible with You.

If he hasn't sought you for direction and confirmation regarding his plans and ideas, I pray that he begins now so that he can receive divine downloads from heaven as to how he should proceed in life."

Prayer #5

Book Content

Questions Answered in the Book

Why Pray For My Future Husband?

As you offer up these petitions on behalf of your future king, the Lord will work in both of your hearts, preparing and drawing you closer together.

How Often Should I Pray for Him?

Pray as often as needed, if not more. Make prayer a habit. Take time each day to pray for him by name, lifting up his needs, concerns, and joys to the Father.

What If I Don't Know Who He Is Yet?

If you haven't yet met your future husband yet, pray for the man who will one day be your husband, that God would prepare his heart for you.

About the Author

Dr. Charity C. Campbell

Dr. Charity C. Campbell, DM, RODC (Dr. C) is a doctor of management, world-class millennial global leader, multi-passionate entrepreneur, academic professional, international speaker, mentor and prayer warrior. She is a Kingdom Builder with a heart for seeing people discover and fulfill their God-given destiny.

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