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  • 12: ✨Polarizing Negative Self Talk, Perfectionism and Problem Spotting vs. Problem-Solving + Special Bonus ✨

12: ✨Polarizing Negative Self Talk, Perfectionism and Problem Spotting vs. Problem-Solving + Special Bonus ✨

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Happy Wednesday, millennial leaders and multi-passionate entrepreneurs!


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I’m your host, Dr. Charity C. Campbell affectionately known as Dr. C and I can’t wait to dig into today’s topic!

Polarizing negative self-talk

  • What does polarize mean?
  • Perfectionism can be a cause of polarizing. Success Coach Awilda Rivera wrote that one method for dealing with polarized thinking is to remind yourself –Perfection is an illusion and reality is subjective.
    • Problem Spotting – you easily identify every problem. No good can come of this or that. Here’s another failure. Here’s another issue. Here’s another weakness.
    • Problem Solving – you see a unique opportunity to solve the problem.
      1. Problem spotting says, “I don’t have the resources.” Problem-solving says, “What I do not have, I will create.”
      2. Problem spotting says, “I really suck at this.” Problem-solving says, “I’ll try again and if still doesn’t work, then I’ll try a different approach.”
      3. Problem spotting says, “I have no experience because I’ve never done this before.” Problem-solving says, “Here’s an opportunity to learn something new!”
      4. Personal problem spotting story: Denied access to campus and not teaching this semester!!!

Instead of problem-spotting, let’s change that negative self-talk into problem-solving opportunities. Here are a few affirmations that I’ve personally been practicing.

  1. I embrace new opportunities to learn something new.
  2. I embrace new opportunities to become greater than the person I am today.
  3. I will try my best to make “it” work.
  4. I automatically anticipate the best outcome.
  5. I am well-prepared to take on any unexpected changes.
  6. I give myself permission to smile and laugh, especially during difficult times.
  7. I am surrounded by positive people who I can depend on for an extra boost of optimism.
  8. I love myself. Therefore, I will not say anything negative to myself or about myself that would reinforce feelings of failure.
  9. I effortlessly tackle challenges from different angles until I reach a solution.
  10. I am worthy of new opportunities.

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