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Overcome Challenges Before They Begin

Give up negative thinking ? Stay positive. Optimist. Optimism. Optimistic. Great quote.

In today’s blog post, I’m writing about overcoming challenges before they even begin. 

First, let’s acknowledge the fact that being an entrepreneur comes with a thousand challenges and obstacles. Like, figuring out how to get the right clients, or finding like-minded business associates and partners, or finding correct payment gateway, etc.

Tired woman with headache

These are just some challenges and issues that entrepreneurs face daily. Well, I think challenges are inevitable. You cannot attest to them. Although we cannot control the challenges, we can definitely control or manage our own emotions- Right?

One way that I do this is by preparing my mind for challenges before they even happen.

How to Prepare My Mind Before Challenges Happen

You may be thinking, “Okay! But, How???

Think about it this way.

Suppose you have specific vacancies that are open in your organization/business and you need to find the right person. Instead of speaking about the challenge of finding the right person, I challenge you to speak about the change you want to see.

This means that instead of saying you’ll never build a team or find the right person, you declare words of affirmation by saying that you have everyone and everything you need to prosper.

The need for optimism

Conceptual image of positivity and optimism

The good news is that you are the one who can control your thoughts. You need to transform the negative self talk about your challenge into a positive affirmation. Affirmation and action go hand in hand. You act, you work towards your goal. Whenever the negative self talk comes, you have to affirm yourself. You have to speak about the change and then convert your actions in a way so that you can actually feel that change.

Here are a couple of other examples of how you can take the challenge and turn it into the change that you want to see.

Examples of Transforming Challenges into Changes

For example, the challenge of fixing out how to get the right clients? Stop saying, where are these clients coming from or where are they? You need to speak about the change. You’ve got to declare and affirm that high quality paying clients are searching for what you offer and that they are finding you.

That’s the change.

Okay, another challenge is finding like-minded business associates and partners. This is definitely a challenge because you have to spend time with the partners or associates and see if they have the same type of vibe. 

Now, you need to ask yourself, is he the one you can work with? Or does his energy match with yours?

Close up of business partners working on tablet at cafe

You need to ask such questions to yourself. Instead of focusing on the challenge, speak about the change.

Speak the Change

You should speak that you are blessed with like-minded, high-quality associates that produce mutually beneficial outcomes. This means that it isn’t imbalanced and you both benefit from each other.

Another challenge could be finding a good web design company or a social media manager. Another could be managing capital, or finding payment gateways that will allow you to actually make profit from a product or service you sell.

For all of this you have to make positive affirmations. You have to tell yourself that you will definitely find a way. Reassure your mind that every task can be delegated and organized without micromanaging.

But how do we do this?

We train! You must train members/workers in the way you would want your administrative tasks to be carried out. You have to train them in terms of both quality and technicality. After the training comes trust.

Now that you’ve trained your team/worker how to effectively complete a task, it’s time to trust that they will get the job done.

Do you see how affirmations and actions can go hand in hand?

Being an entrepreneur, challenges are going to come and you need to face those challenges positively. This doesn’t mean that you are oblivious or you disregard the problems or the issues. 

What does this mean?

It means that you acknowledge that there is a challenge and you’re going to solve it. And trust me, when you think positively, you’ll defeat the challenge.

It is not just saying that you are speaking words. You have to put your words into action. The affirmations are nothing but what we put into practice. Whatever actions we are up for , are affirming, declaring what we want to see and building up ourselves in our faith.

The very first step is to prepare your mind, even before the challenge happens. Make sure that you get up and decree what you want to see happen in your life. Then, after you’ve spoken those words out into the atmosphere, start strongly, get that action, get that activity going so that you can see what you say.

This type of challenge can easily be handled in a different manner but it requires a transformation from within. For someone who hasn’t been an optimist their entire life, this may prove to be a herculean task.

But not all hope is lost.

Dialogue box. Communication concept

Everyone is in control of their inner dialogue.

We hold the key to our minds. We can tame our thoughts and transform the negative self talk into a positive affirmation. I

firmly believe that an affirmation a day can help you see what you say

The more you transform your mind, the more equipped you’ll be to overcome challenges that will inevitably arise. You’ll never overcome an obstacle if you’re constantly allowing it to get the best of you. Instead of doing that you get the best of it. You have to believe that you are braver, stronger and smarter than you think.

challenge you not to speak the challenge, but to speak the change that you want to see….

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