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Special Guest on the

Leader's Lab Podcast

Wellness Content Writer and Copywriting Coach, Natalie Gensits helps wellness coaches and practitioners stand out online and sign new clients sooner through the power of words. She also helps clients get their businesses off the ground with through her powerful writing skills because she knows how to capture the attention of potential clients.

How to Write Client-Focused Copy to Attract Your Ideal Client

The word "copy" is used to refer to written or printed material that is used to encourage or promote a product or service. In the context of an advertisement or sales letter, text is referred to as copy.

Copywriting is the art of writing copy to appeal to a specific audience. In this week's episode, Natalies shares with us how to write client-focused copy that appeals to your ideal client, how to write compelling copy that promotes your product or service, and how to write copy that focuses on the client's needs.

How to write compelling copy for your ideal client

As a copywriter, you should prioritize the needs of your ideal client. When writing for your ideal client, you should focus on the benefits and needs of your client and make your copy easy for them to read and understand. 

Also keep in mind the purpose of your copy. 

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It is important to know what you are trying to convey to your ideal client. This will help you to write content that they will like and understand.

How to write copy that focuses on the client's needs

When writing copy for your website, it is important to focus on the needs of your ideal client. This will ensure that the copy you write is in line with your ideal client and will help them feel as though they know you and that you are a good fit for them.

Your copy should also focus on the benefits of your services to make the decision to hire you easier for your ideal client. You should also make sure that your copy is in a conversational tone. This will make your ideal client feel like they are actually talking to a friend.

How to choose a voice for your copy

It is important to choose a "voice," or tone, for your copy that is both consistent and resonates with your ideal client. This will help to make your copy more personable and engaging. 

It will also help your copy to have a clear, concise message. The voice you choose should be consistent with your brand. Otherwise, your copy will be confusing, difficult to follow, and less engaging.

A voice should resonate with your ideal client. If you have a voice that is not resonating with your ideal client, it will be difficult for the client to link with your business, product or service. Not to mention, you may fail to provide them with the information they need. 

Key Takeaways

The first step in writing client-focused copy is to identify your ideal client. This avatar will be the one that you want to attract to your website. Once you have a good idea of this person, you can then write content that will resonate with them.

Natalie shares how you should always write with this person in mind. Write content that is not generic, but specifically tailored to help your ideal client with their issue. 

And Natalie knows what she's talking about!

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She specializes in copy for websites, blogs, email sequences, lead magnets and more. Her experience in the industry gives her the unique ability to create content that resonates with readers, driving them to take action.

Connect with Natalie

⚜️Instagram: www.instagram.com/nataliegensits.wellnesswriter 

⚜️Facebook: www.facebook.com/nataliegensits.wellnesswordshop 

⚜️Email: natalie@nataliegensits.com 

⚜️Website: www.nataliegensits.com  

Watch Natalie Gensits on the Leader's Lab

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