Let’s Talk: Goals & Dreams

Dreams without goals remain dreams

Today, we are going to talk about dreams and goals. Starting off, mentioning firstly one of the things that I really love and also struggle with about my life is the fact that I am a millennial. And as millennials, for the generations that came before us, it’s really different because, I feel like every one of you had it all planned out, all mapped out, you had maybe one or two things that you felt like you were super good at super great and those are the things you honed in on, but if you notice my job aeration and the ones that are raising up after us. We’re really multi passionate. A multi passionate just means that you have many goals, many dreams, many passions that you’re really good at. And for those, who the other generations, those have come before us they say things like, jack of all trades, but what is jack of all trades, but master very true.

Do you go look at it in your own life if you’re multi passionate entrepreneurs and you just think about all the things that you want to do and all the goals that you want to put forth and you’re like, but I’m told I should just stay focused in one area, just focused on this one thing but I love this too. And I love that and you just tend to get overwhelmed by thinking so much.

And I just want to talk to my fellow millennial leaders who have multiple passions and those of you who would like to do more than just like focus on one thing. You have goals, you have dreams, you have visions, focusing on multiple areas. And the beautiful thing is that even though life is short, we still have time. For instance, if you’re breathing today, if you have the oxygen in your activity of your lens, you still have time to do and fulfill the goals and dreams that you’re looking to or maybe you’re not even looking at them anymore. Maybe you drop them off. Maybe you left them and said, but I’m just going to let it go because it seems like it’s impossible, seems like too hard to do.

The first thing that we have to do is we really have to train our thoughts. When it comes to dreams when it comes to goals, you really do have to train your thoughts. And the reason why is because your feet will follow your mind. And basically, that means if you can’t dream it, if you can’t see it, if you can’t think it up, if you can’t believe it, then you’re never going to go after it. You’re going to chase after it, if you already have it in your mind. I believe that it’s something that you cannot physically achieve in this lifetime. It’s something that you just can’t do.

But you’re not going to put any faith or action behind it, you’re not going to move towards it. And so, like I said, what we have to do is we have to change our mindset like we have, there has to be some mental shift that happens that says, you can do this. It might not be easy. But you can do this and who cares if there’s a million other people in the world, doing this as well, there’s something unique that you can bring to the table. Maybe a different perspective, maybe it’s a different look, whatever it is, but you can do this. So again, you have to remember that, if your mind isn’t thinking of it, if your mind is like, I can’t do it, you’re already defeated, then your feet will not follow.

If you’re going to keep walking, and sometimes it’s really difficult to do when you’re just like I don’t think that this is going to happen or you’re just thinking already that this is unbelievably tough. Or maybe this is just a season. You want to throw that word in there. Maybe this is just the wrong season or I don’t know what’s going on? Why can’t I accomplish this? You have to learn to keep going forward, keep walking, I’m going to tell you something, you can go anywhere else but backwards. And what backwards does is, it places you in like this state of paralysis, where you go back, you’re not able to move forward.

When you go backwards, you’re not able to be in the right direction of your dreams and your goals. You just go back to the beginning. And the beginning is really tough. Like, I’m in the beginning of a lot of things that I’m working on. And I see the potential I see the purpose behind it, I see the goal, the dream but why isn’t he had this here in the beginning. I’m doing it now, so that I don’t have to do it again later. And that’s what the whole premise of anywhere but backwards comes from it’s like do the hard stuff now so that as you keep walking forward you can go correctly in the direction of your dreams and you don’t have to go back because when you go backwards is when you want to give up.

Honestly, if you have to go backwards you can but it is because I don’t want to do it because I’ve already been past this part. And getting stuck here is just like is like death to my dreams. So that’s why we say anywhere but backwards and the next thing too is you must protect the flame

You know what is flame? Let me show you my beautiful candle that I got from Egypt. And so now I have put a little tea light in there and I lit a match and play a real big okay. Big flame, right? I’m like okay, just going to be good. And as I got closer to it to light the candle flame blew out because I was moving for the candle right at a point when the fan was hitting the flame so the fan actually didn’t make it actually, it like killed it. I mean it was gone I’m like what’s going on? The fan turned up like at the wrong time, literally it turned to the wrong time I could have had the candle lit and everything right. So, I lit another match and this time I was smart because I protected the flame. I had them make sure no matter whatever way the fan was blowing, doesn’t blow this flame out. So, I had it, I was protecting lit the candle perfectly fine. And as I was lighting the candle it came to me like whole thing about the fan and then the match being lit and in them blowing out is a lot of times like how your goal means like you will be so on fire and you will be lit.

Led to the high heaven so excited about things and then maybe you might share it with someone who does care about your enthusiasm and because one person that you admire or one person that you love and thought that they would have the same type of enthusiasm about your dream, about your goal would be as enthusiastic as you are, but they’re not.

You just burn out and you do anything like you start out. You’re great, but because you had some resistance because you went blow on you because you had this hole. I’m really excited. You should be excited too. And it didn’t turn out the way you thought it would, you let the flame go out. So that’s why it’s super important. No one is going to have your vision, everybody’s going to be on the same page. So, your loved ones, your family, for those of you who are married maybe they’re your spouse’s, but those of you who you’re super tight with your brother or sister, his play cousins, whatever. And you’re really excited about something for my affiliate marketing people you’re really excited about this new as you just joined into you trying to get some recruits and you share it with them and they like I want to; I don’t care about that. And if you hear it enough, like you hear it time and time again, that thing is going to blow your flame out.

So, you have to protect your flame because you never know when your flame might blow up in your life like something big, huge and some people don’t catch on fire with, till they see just lit your situation will become just how bright, just how many positive leaflets it has. And when people start to think, then they might want to join you in your nonprofit organization or when they might join in with a health challenge or whatever it is. You have to protect your flame because that is the thing that gives you access, that gives you the want to keep going on. So, you have to learn how to protect your goals and dreams.

I want you to ask yourself the question of goals and dreams, that you’ve given up a goal and then all of a sudden, four goals, excuse me when you are considering your goals and your dreams? I want you to ask yourself these three questions. Number one, why did I give up on this dream? Like, what happened? What was it that made me form? Well, maybe it’s just not the right time, or maybe on this central dream of natural, being out of debt. Why did I give up on this dream of going? Why did I give this dream of opening up my own business? Whatever it was, ask yourself, why did I give up?

Secondly, how has my life changed or changed? Is my life the same? And if not, then is it better? Is it worse, because sometimes it could just be that maybe it’s not? Fulfill this goal or this dream. Hey, okay, just don’t give up on it, right? Set it to the side, put it on the back burner, but backburner too long. Make sure you go back to it, make sure you go if it is something that you are trying to fulfill.

The next question you need to ask is, if I started towards my goals like right now like 2:30 pm Eastern on this day, how I feel about January 2021. How will I feel? If I started right now like today like right now, if I started taking an action if I picked that goal back up, if I read lit, the flame of my life for this goal, for this dream, for this desire, what would my life look like? You know what How will I feel? If it’s a health goal? What will my body look like? What will my mind feel like? What will my thoughts be like what my associations be like? Because, when you start dropping physical way, you also drop some psychological weight and people wait too. Just sometimes people just don’t stick with you and that’s okay. Because you’re making room for more. But think about these things when you’re considering goals and your dreams picking them up, moving forward, going anywhere, but backwards.

Okay. Now, some people will say this, some people think that, they can’t fulfill their dream because they don’t have, they don’t have enough visibility. Are they following it to find your core supporters? You are not alone. I know that there are so many people who are bloggers really grinds my gears is the fact that back in 2004, I started as a blogger, and because of the thing that most people not do, which was be consistent. Do you know if 16 years ago, Tina, let me bring this camera back up? You owe 16 years ago, I started blogging. It wasn’t even like blogging, like it was just a couple of journaling, digital Melling electronic journaling, talking about our lives and what we’re doing and vlogging with YouTube, but because I let all of that blow up my flame multiple. Because the back went out, China and I was doing well and because I wanted people to be as an ethic about my dream and about my goals.

Now because you know when you get older, or when you experience things you get momentarily. Is that for you to stop your goal? Your dream, because somebody else is not as enthuses, or as the word. The word for today is enthusiastic. For today is a doozy asking, so how crazy would it me to be upset with someone for them not excited about my goal or my dream and I stopped doing whatever it is that I was doing. Does that make sense?

That’s what happens or at least that’s what happened to me. I can’t speak for anybody else. But that’s what happened. So, because I felt like well, I don’t have my tribe or I don’t have my core followers. And let me tell you, one of the worst things to do is expect your family and your friends to follow you. They love you because they have to okay. They love you because they have to sometimes it’s just might be even your parents that really follow you, you know your tribe or the people that you feel like supposed to take.

But not reach your goals and your dream fight for the thing, that the correct pronoun here people is, you’re not our, it’s your so you have to think about this thing. There are more than enough people maybe you just haven’t found them yet. Maybe they just are going come into your life yet. But they’re there. And they’re never going to find you. If you don’t be consistent. They’re never going to come across your blog, they’re never going to see your YouTube channel. They’re never going to see your shop, your store. They’re never going to see your products; they’re never going to see you hear your music or anything.

If you don’t move forward with your goals and your dreams, whether you feel like you have support or not trust me, your core supporters will come. I cannot say enough. Your core supporters will come at the proper time but first I have to do the work. That’s a key putting in too, because this is your goal, your dream now. Now, I have a challenge for you. What were your dreams that you gave up on?

dreams you gave up on as being a business. Or maybe it was being a dancer, maybe in music. It was being a stylist. It could be anything. Maybe it was becoming a medical doctor or dentist, whatever.

If one of you give up, and then ask yourself, what would it take to reach those goals now? How much time investment would it take? What would it actually take to reach your goals and your dreams? And then ask yourself, what would life look like if you actively started moving towards those goals? Those actions? What would it look like? What would you like? Like would your life be better? Would it be worse? Would it be the same? Because obviously, we want it to be better, right? We want it to move in the correct direction. Ask yourself these questions. What would it be if I did go back to school? But what if that’s one of your dreams?

What do I need? So then after you ask yourself that question, if you would like some accountability and you decide, hey, this is the day that I’m to move forward, that you know, I’m going to pick it back up and just see what happens. I am going to put my spare time and attention if I have a full time, I’m going to give it sure action and I’m actually going to do. I’m actually going to do something.

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