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Lauren Best | Work Easier Not Harder


Special Guest on the

Leader's Lab Podcast

Lauren Best is a designer gone rogue, supporting Solopreneurs who are ready to scale up their service-based businesses with more ease and flow. This might mean designing the ways they structure their work, how they embrace their superpowers, and the foundations they can create to prioritize the ways in which they want to spend their time and energy.

In this week's podcast episode, Lauren shares how to design the way you work in a manner that works for you (i.e., working easy, not hard). She and I discuss what success looks like in 2022 compared to that of our predecessors.  

So how do you work easier instead of working harder?

Design the way you work to work for you by working easy not hard

As a creative entrepreneur, your business is your art. You have a lot of responsibilities and are always being pulled in different directions. It's easy to feel stuck and like you're working harder than ever but not getting much in return.

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But things don't have to be like that! You can learn to work smarter and easier, instead of harder, if you change the way you do your work. Here's how:

First, take a step back and think about how you spend your time now.

Are you doing things that will help your business grow? 

Or are you too busy with small tasks? 

If it's the latter, it's time to hire someone else to do those tasks that aren't essential which will allow you to put your energy into the things that are most important.

Second, take a close look at how you do things.

Is it efficient? 

Or could it be made simpler? 

If you are always switching between programs or tabs, there is probably a better way to do things. By streamlining your workflow, you can get rid of steps you don't need and save time. 

Streamlining your business workflow can save you time by eliminating steps you don't need. This can help to improve efficiency and communication within your business. By streamlining your processes, you can also avoid potential mistakes and ensure that your work is consistent and organized.

Ways to Streamline Your Business Workflow

There are a number of ways to streamline a business workflow in order to reduce unnecessary steps and save time. One way is to analyze the current workflow and identify areas where there is redundancy or where steps can be eliminated. 

Another way is to implement new technology or software that automates some of the tasks in the workflow. Or if you have the financial means to hire someone, another way to streamline a workflow is to hire and train employees on more efficient ways to complete their tasks.

By streamlining the process, you can free up your time to focus on more important tasks, and improve your bottom line.

Lastly, make sure you take care of both your body and your mind.

Make Self-Care a Priority 

Being an entrepreneur can be stressful, so it's important to take care of yourself. To reduce stress, implement some of the following simple self-care practices to get started:

  • get enough sleep - When we neglect our need for sleep, it can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Getting enough sleep is crucial for our overall well-being and should be considered a form of self-care. When we don't get enough sleep, we're more likely to experience negative moods, increased stress levels, and impaired cognitive function. This can lead to serious health problems in the long run. So make sure to get plenty of rest!
  • eat healthy foods - When we think of self-care, we often think of activities like getting a massage or taking a bath. However, self-care also includes the food we put into our bodies. Eating healthy foods is a form of self-care because it helps our bodies to function at their best. When we eat nutritious foods, we are giving our bodies the fuel they need to run optimally.
  • exercise regularly - Self-care is a critical part of maintaining one's mental and physical health. Exercise is one key component of self-care, as it helps to reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and boost energy levels. Additionally, exercise can help to improve mental clarity and focus. To get the most out of exercise as a form of self-care, it is important to find an activity that you enjoy and to make it a regular part of your routine. That could mean anything from going for a walk every day to taking a yoga class once a week.

Also, try to set aside time each day to relax and do something you enjoy. Finally, remember that you are not alone – there are many resources and people available to help you succeed as an entrepreneur. If you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to a trusted friend or family member about what is going on. 

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When you take care of yourself, you can do your best work and be more productive in general.


Working smarter, not harder may seen easier said than done because of our tendency to revert to traditional ways of working. 

But by taking the time to assess your current workflow and making some small tweaks, you can vastly improve your efficiency and free up valuable time to focus on the things that matter most. 

Lauren Best uses a mixed approach helping her clients that combines her expertise of both Business Design Thinking and Upgrading Mindset through Hypnosis, and has designed her own business in a way that empowers her to leave behind the hustle mentality. 

Connect with Lauren Best

⚜️Instagram: www.Instagram.com/laurenbest_co 

⚜️LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurenhollybest/

⚜️Email: hello@lauren-best.com 

⚜️Website: www.lauren-best.com | https://linktr.ee/laurenbest_co 

Watch Lauren Best on the Leader's Lab

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