KeyngDM – Keyelle Miller

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Every coaching call was well planned and directed towards reaching my goals.

Dr. Charity C Campbell has not only been a coach, confidant, and purpose but she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. Over the past 10 weeks, I worked hard to produce a journal, “Breaking Cycles” and a debut single, “Til I Find You.”

In the beginning, I only had the book in mind and had plans to begin music in the new year but through her coaching, we determined it all could be done during the program. Every coaching call was well planned and directed towards reaching my goals.

I appreciate the opportunities given to connect with other "Pushers." We were able to create a little family unit for support and resources.

Dr. Campbell was tough when I needed the push and gave room for rest when I needed it. Never did she take over the project like others may have, just to see it succeed, but she helped me to find every tool needed to be successful.

She served many roles for me;

from editor to producer to creative director. 

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What I found most beneficial is the fact that she taught me how to edit, produce, and think creatively as she worked.

All the skills that I’ve gained from these 10 weeks will make my brand more reputable and help me to believe in my brand. By culminating our work together with a branding photography session, I have everything I need to share my products with the world.

I’m forever grateful for the work, time, energy, and personalized attention that she has given to my projects.

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