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I want to extend all of my heartfelt wishes to my colleagues and loved ones across Asia, both near and far, who may find themselves celebrating this holiday differently than usual.

While still enveloped in the midst of a global pandemic, finding ways to safely celebrate the dawn of a new year – the year of the Ox ? to be exact – may prove difficult.

However, I want to encourage you by thinking about the spirit of an ox.

The Spirit of the Ox ?

In China, oxen are seen as animals of strength. They are associated with harvests and fertility.

In the midst of a prolonged pandemic, let us take our cue from the mighty ox.

In times of despair, may we inherit strength. May we not forget that the toughest people emerge in the survival of the darkest moments.

May we remember the seeds of faith and hope sown in times of drought. May we believe that 2021 is the year of harvesting those very seeds.

And may every situation that has left us feeling barren with the inability to produce our desire, may this be year of fertility – the year in which we give birth to our dreams and desires that were once deemed impossible.

Final Words

No matter where you find yourself along your path this year, may your resolve be as strong as the ox;

May your harvests been plentiful;

And may you give birth to the very dreams that you thought were impossible.


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