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Erica Castner | How to Build Your Podcast Community & Skyrocket Your Growth with Guests

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Special Guest on the

Leader's Lab Podcast

For over two decades, Erica Castner has helped business owners + personal brands expand their reach and on-line presence. She is also the host of the Voices of Impact podcast and recently became an Ironman.

We are very honored to have here with us in the leader's lab this week as she discusses the importance of building relationships with your listeners and guests, and dropping gems on how to do so.

Now, you may be reading this and you've been on the fence about podcasting for far too long.  You have reason upon reason, excuse after excuse, as to why you haven't started yet. 

Erica Castner literally obliterations all excuses in this special episode and shares with us several major gems such as: 

? How to Cultivate Community with Your Podcast Audience

? How to Monetize Without Sponsorships

? How to Keep Guest Engagement Going After An Episode

How to Cultivate Community with Your Podcast Audience and Guests to Skyrocket Your Growth

Podcasting can be a great way to connect with your audience and grow your brand. The key to growing a successful podcast is to grow a community of listeners and guests that are passionate about your topic like we've done here with the Leader's Lab Podcast.

But take it from Erica and I, this is easier said than done, which is why we’re here to share some tips on how to grow your podcast community. Let's dive a bit deeper into how to start a podcast, how to grow your audience, how to get guests and record, and how to produce a podcast on a budget.

How to start a podcast and grow your audience

The best way to start a podcast is to just do it. If you say that you can't start because you don't have the tools you feel that you need, don't worry. I am working on a comprehensive list of tools and platforms that I currently use and can vouch based on what I've done with the Leader's Lab Podcast for the past 2 seasons.

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One way to grow your audience is to use your podcast to cultivate community and don't panic if you don't know where to find people.  You can start by inviting guests to your podcast.

When you invite guests, it also gives you the opportunity to share your podcast with people who are connected to them! You can also use your podcast to connect with other people in your niche and who also share similar interests that will keep your listeners engaged. 

How to be a guest

Being a guest on other people's podcasts is a great way to grow your podcast and gain listeners. If you're trying to grow your podcast audience and you're not a guest on other people's podcasts, then you're missing out. It's important to keep in mind that not everyone can be a guest on your show, especially if you haven't started one yet. 

If this is you and you want to grow your podcast audience and guests, you should consider guesting where you can share your experiences with other people's audiences. Just because you are a podcaster, it doesn't mean you should limit yourself to your own platforms. Be willing to share your experiences with other people.

Listeners of podcasts are always looking for new shows to subscribe to, and guest appearances on other podcasts can be a great way to attract them. Podcasts are a great medium to grow your audience by exposing your show to a larger audience and gaining valuable feedback from listeners. Here are some tips for hosting a successful guest appearance:

  1. Research the podcast before you appear. Know what they're about and what their audience looks like. This will help you target your conversation and content more effectively.
  2. Make sure your appearance is well-planned. Plan out what you're going to say, how long you'll spend talking, and how you'll conclude the episode. This will help avoid awkward silences or extended monologues that can ruin an otherwise good interview experience.
  3. Be prepared to answer questions!

How to bring value to your guests and build a lasting collaborative relationship

Whether you are just starting out or you have been in the podcasting game for a while, it is important to remember to bring value to your guests and your audience. This is not only important for building up your podcast but also for building up your community and growing your podcast.

Here are three ways you can bring value to your guests and your audience and build a lasting collaborative relationship.

  • First, consider what it is that your guest wants to talk about. You know your guest better than anyone else. So, let them know what they want to talk about and what they would like to talk about it. 
  • Second, let your guest know how you are going to bring value to them. You might not be able to talk about everything but you can always bring value in your own unique way. 
  • Third, introduce your guest to other people who you think would be interesting for them to connect with. You might not be able to bring value to your guest in person but you can definitely do it over social media.
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The key to building a successful podcast is to be open to the idea of collaboration. By engaging your guests and listeners, you can build a lasting relationship that will help you grow your podcast. When you are open to collaboration, you will be able to take risks and try new things that will bring value to your audience and help your podcast grow. Furthermore, you will be able to cultivate community with your audience and guests by allowing your audience to ask questions of your guests. These types of interactions will help to spark conversation and build a community around your podcast.

Connect with Erica Castner

⚜️LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ericacastner/

⚜️Instagram: www.instagram.com/ericaqueeniecastner 

⚜️Facebook: ww.facebook.com/thequeenofresults  

⚜️Podcast: Ericacastner.com/podcast 

⚜️Email: erica@thequeenofresults.com 

⚜️Website: www.ericacastner.com/community  

Watch Erica Castner on the Leader's Lab

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