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Dr. Sabreen Mutawally | Educator, Evangelist, Author, Podcastor

Sabreen Mutawally

Special Guest on the

Leader's Lab Podcast

Dr. Sabreen Mutawally, better known as ‘Dr. SaM iAM’, has dedicated her
entire professional and personal life to serving others, especially children. A native
of Brooklyn, NY byway of Georgetown, Guyana, Dr. Mutawally has been an
educator for almost 13 years, and a lifelong advocate and proponent for children’s
rights and education.

Dr. Mutawally holds a Bachelor of Arts in Health and
Physical Education from Hampton University, a Master of Science in Adapted
Physical Education from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State
University, and more recently, has earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in
Education with an emphasis in Leadership, Policy and Change from Walden

As a sought after instructional and curriculum coach, agent of social change,
and advocate for children, Dr. Mutawally continuously seeks to ensure that
education amongst the minority population receives heightened awareness. Her
vast knowledge of instructional strategies, especially in the area of minority male
students, has resulted in her presenting at various conferences throughout the
United States, including the Thomasville City Schools Teacher-Lead Conference,
the United States Parole Commission Black History Month Program, the North
Carolina New Schools Summer Institute, SREB Making Schools Work
Conference, and the College Board A Dream Deferred Conference, just to name a

Dr. Mutawally was recently appointed as one of the new Assistant Principals
at Walter Hines Page High School. Previously, she served as the Curriculum
Facilitator and Testing Coordinator at the Middle College at North Carolina
Agricultural and Technical State University (MC A&T), an all-male high school
serving 143 young men. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at North Carolina
Agricultural and Technical State University, where she teaches Fitness and Aging
and Sports Medicine to undergraduate students. Previously serving as a Health,
Physical Education and Leadership instructor at Thomasville High School for 5
years, Dr. Mutawally believes in the power of education and its ability to effect

Outside of academia, Dr. Mutawally is the founder and host of the Singles
Sidebar Podcast, a podcast dedicated to educating, encouraging, and empowering
singles to maximize their singleness in health, wealth, and traveling-well. She
recently released her first book, ‘Maximizing Me: 52-Week Journal for Singles’ to help singles on the journey of healing, wellness, and wholeness. She is also a
collaborative author of ‘Next in Line to Lead: The voice of the Assistant Principal’,
an Amazon best-seller.

Dr. Mutawally developed ‘Think Tank Thursdays’ for the purpose of educating her high-school and collegiate students in various areas including finances, mental wellness, professionalism/ career, and much more. However, one of her greatest joys is serving as a mentor to pre-service and new, especially, minority teachers. She currently serves as the Vice-Chancellor of the Sister Circle University, a subsection of Sister Circle, Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that thrive on respect, value, and honor to nurture women God-given gifts to the world.

Accolades received in her professional educational career include Teacher of
the Year in 2010 and 2013, and District Teacher of the Year runner-up in 2010.
Previously, she served on the board of directors for Positive Directions for Youth
& Families, Inc. (PDYF) and the Fisher Project, two nonprofit 501 (c) (3) public
charity organizations that provide community members with skills, information,
and the proper resources to carry out their family responsibilities and achieve
success in every area of life. Dr. Mutawally has also served professionally in
various areas including being a cooperating teacher for a student teacher, new
teacher mentor, an assessment prototype reviewer for the North Carolina
Department of Instruction, and a test evaluator for the National Evaluation Series
For more information visit www.drmutawally.com

Watch Dr. Mutawally on the Leader's Lab

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