Prayers for Christmas


This morning, as I was sitting at my desk thinking about the blessing of being able to spend the holidays in the states with my family, an overwhelming sensation came over me to pray for all of the people who have survived 2020, yet they are still dealing with some form of discouragement, hurt and pain.

I see you.

You’ve lost a lot this year.

You’re hurting but are covering it up with a smile.

I prophetically see you.

And I want you to know that you are loved and not forgotten.

As I was in intercession, the Lord gave me the following prayers for you and/or someone you love. Please take a moment to pray these prayers with me.

Christmas Prayers

Today, I pray for every person who scrolls on social media seeing all of us gathered with our loved ones, yet they’ve lost someone this year due to #COVID or some other reason. May God comfort your heart in this season.

?? I pray for every single person who desires to be married and feels like there’s a void because you’re spending the holidays “alone” even when you’re with family. May this be your last Christmas with the status of #single and may God comfort you in your waiting season.

?? I pray for every married couple dealing with infertility who happens to scroll across social media and see posts with beautiful babies and/or “coming in 2021” photos of someone else’s answered prayer. May your prayer be answered by this time next year. May our timelines flood with pictures and posts from you and your spouse about your expectancy or new bundle(s) of job. More importantly, may God comfort you in your waiting season.

?? I pray for every Scrooge, Grinch, and negative person who strongly dislikes this time of the year. May you be shown grace and love in spite of your attitude. Jesus loves you. The rest of us are still trying. ❤️

?? I pray for every parent who has presents sitting under the tree for a child who passed away unexpectedly. My heart breaks for you and words can’t even begin to describe how you are feeling right now. May God comfort you in this tragedy as only He can.

?? I pray for every divorcee who is spending their first holiday without the person they’ve spent almost a lifetime of holidays with. You ARE still loved. And what God does with this new chapter in your life is going to make up for every pain that you feel from the last chapter. May you be comforted by the loving arms of God today.

?? I pray for every person who lost their income this year and may be feeling less than because you couldn’t “do Christmas” in the same manner that you normally would. May Jehovah Jireh visit you and yours today. May provision come to your household so that you lack no good thing today and moving forward.

?? I pray for every abuse victim who is spending another holiday with someone who loves you but constantly abuses you – psychologically, physically, financially, etc. – and causes you to wish you could end it. Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to seek help (with wisdom and safety, please!) and know that this does not have to be how your story ends. May God comfort you and give you divine wisdom, support, and a safe exit strategy.

?? I pray for every business owner who bears the weight of having had to lay off employees this year due to the pandemic. May you be comforted in knowing that even though you were their boss, you were/are not their Provider. As you sow seeds of prayer for increase in their households, may God enrich and bless your business again so that you’ll have the payroll to hire the staff you need.

?? I pray for every person who feels like they’re about to lose their mind due to holding so much in. I pray for every person who feels like they don’t have an outlet to safely express their thoughts and feelings without judgment. May God lead you to the right professional to seek help. I rebuke the enemy from trying to steal your mind and your future. You are not in [your battle] alone. May the angels who are assigned to your purpose be (re)activated and consistently cover you.

?? I pray for every married couple who was expecting to hold their bundle of joy in their arms this holiday but instead you’ve been trying to heal from the pain of a miscarriage. May God comfort you both and console you in this difficult season of your lives. May the lines of communication open between you and your spouse so that you’re able to be open and honest about how this tragedy makes you feel. May these conversations draw you closer together as you support each other during this time, knowing that this is not how your story ends.

Today, give yourself permission to let the tears flow and release whatever you need to release.

And may God comfort you as only He can. ❤️

You’re alive so that means it’s still a merry Christmas for me. ?

Praying for you (and I may not even know you!),
Dr. C

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