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If you’re like a lot of multipassionate entreleaders, you know how tough it is to create the life of your dreams, but you still want more.

You’re not satisfied with what's in front of you and are constantly thinking about where things could be better or different and it seems like this feeling never goes away no matter how much progress has been made.

You know that affirmations are powerful, but you don't know how to create them or use them effectively.

You may have tried affirmations in the past, but you didn't see the results you wanted because, honestly, you weren't doing it correctly.

It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming to research how to do this on your own.

Until Now...

Introducing the Break Through with Affirmations – your guide to quickly and easily creating powerful affirmations that can change your life and achieve your goals!

Inside This Jam-Packed Video You'll Discover:

  • A surprising way to create powerful statements that will help you unleash the power of your words – you won’t believe how easy it is until you see it for yourself!
  • The #1 trick for manifesting the true desires of your heart – this is making waves all over the internet – just wait till you see what it is!
  • The biggest mistake you may be already making – and how to avoid it before you cause yourself to never live the life of your dreams.
Coffee Business Concept - Portrait of small business partners standing together at their coffee shop

not to mention, you'll acquire mental skills 

to achieve your goals more easily than you ever thought possible,

Way to work. Man texting on phone, standing with bike


how to feel supported and encouraged on your journey to self-improvement,

Two young female business partners

unleash your mind 

so you can transform your life in a way that feels empowering and exciting,

And much, much, more!

By the time you finish this video, you’ll know exactly how to gain confidence and inner strength that will carry you through anything.

Dr. Charity C. Campbell

and I am a doctor of management, world-class millennial global leader, multi-passionate entrepreneur, academic professional, international speaker, and mentor. As a digital OD and leadership specialist for millennial ????????????, I help fellow millennial multi-passionate ???????????? go from clutter to clarity, improve communication skills, and harness their greatest potential without losing balance.

But I wasn't always the woman I am today...

I've Been Where You Are

Over a decade ago, I began the transformational journey to living the life of my dreams by using the same strategies and principles that I’m sharing with you. 

I’ve used these strategies to travel to 25 countries, build a clientele spanning over 30 countries, be invited to speak at international conferences, empower, and mentor future global leaders in 7 countries across 4 continents, and launch brands and 2 businesses that I am positively obsessed with!

What Others Say

I’ve worked with phenomenal millennial professionals who have benefited firsthand from my transformation using these strategies and techniques.


Having the opportunity to work with Dr. Campbell was a ‘godsend’. I knew that this year would be the year that I launched my brands but as the year unfolded it looked liked it wasn't going to happen. I knew that I needed to pivot but I felt stuck. Dr. Campbell helped me to focus on my tasks and to stay on target. I needed to pivot but I felt stuck. Dr. Campbell helped me to focus on my tasks and to stay on target...I'm better for it and so are my businesses!

Charis T. 

 / Mary Kay Consultant, Etiquette Coach & Podcaster


Not only did I establish a more consistent online presence, but I grew my social media base by about 75% and successfully began my first interactive campaign through my website and social media. Dr. Campbell’s style of coaching stands out from other coaches because she understands that it is not only about you, it is also about your audience and those that you work with...she can reroute you in a positive direction, without micromanaging.

Alissandra Windgate

/ Certified Health & Wellness Coach 

I Didn't Just Achieve My Goals

I Created the Life of My Dreams

And what's even better is that I am blessed to help others do the same!

The Good News is that you, too, can achieve these kinds of results in your life!

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