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I had one goal; to grow my blog audience by being more consistent with my posting...

"When I first spoke with Dr. Campbell about this program, I had one goal; to grow my blog audience by being more consistent with my posting. Our first couple of meetings (one-on-one) were informative but slightly overwhelming for me. I knew nothing about running a website or blog, all I knew was that I wanted to help people with their holistic health. Dr. C did a phenomenal job those first weeks, talking me through my plans and weeding out the “shiny objects”.

By week three I had cut down on many of the ideas I originally proposed, as I was getting overwhelmed with just thinking about all I was trying to accomplish for my first win. One of the things I loved the most about this program was how Dr. Campbell was able to bring me back to my original goal without being judgmental or overbearing; it was these constant gentle reminders that helped me not give up on the program and all I was trying to accomplish.

It took me about 5 weeks into the program for me to accept that I didn’t have to go 0-100 to be successful in this program.

By the time we had gotten to week 5, we had received so many resources to help us in this process, that I didn’t even know existed; what was better was that most of these resources were FREE! As we progressed I noticed that Dr. C would make subtle remarks that would lead to an epiphany on my end (I think she did this on purpose, which is why she is such a great coach).

Week 7 I was ready to give up, I had overwhelmed myself so much that I didn’t know what to do; I just felt like I didn’t have the energy to finish this program, and started feeling some effects of imposter syndrome. Dr. Campbell did not fuss, micromanage, or anything close to it; her response was “what was your original goal?” I repeated my goal to her and she said “let’s go down the list of wins (remembering that I only had 1 win in mind). 

Not only did I establish a more consistent online presence, but I grew my social media base by about 75% and have consistently made posts that are reaching many.

I used the resources provided to map out my online content for the month; I completed my freebie for all of my new subscribers, and I began working on my first cookbook. I successfully began my first interactive campaign through my website and social media. If I am counting correctly, that is 5 wins, where I only set out for 1. 

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That meeting in week 7 was what I believe makes Dr. Campbell such a spectacular and effective coach; she can reroute you in a positive direction, without micromanaging.

Another aspect of this program was that I was not alone, the weekly group calls were encouraging and motivating. Often, when I take on a large task, I feel alone and that nobody truly understands what I am going through; however, I had half a dozen other women, who I could share my progress and receive encouragement and vice versa. In a society where we are constantly pushed to be individuals and independent, we can forget how beneficial it is to work with a team.

That aspect alone makes Dr. Campbell’s style of coaching stand out from other coaches because she understands that it is not only about you, it is also about your audience and those that you work with. The team calls always gave me new perspectives on the things I was doing and even new ideas to make my page even more marketable. I was able to form a bond with these ladies that I would not have gotten anywhere else; not only were we there for each other these past 10 weeks, we have made connections that we can utilize for our future endeavors. 

The Cherry on top was our photoshoot. I can not speak for the other participants, but this was my first professional shoot and to say I was nervous was an understatement. Of course, there was nothing for me to worry about, Dr. C knows her clients! When I went in to get my makeup (which is way out of my comfort zone), she had already spoken to the makeup artist and gave her an idea of my personality and level of comfort with makeup, which seemed to make the process quicker, smoother and more comfortable for me. 

Working with a professional photographer was also nerve-wracking for a number of reasons; I had never done this before, I have never been comfortable taking photos and it was COLD! Once again, my concerns were put at ease with an easy-going and knowledgeable photographer.

She was able to capture the essence of who I am as a person and the spirit of which I am running my business. When I was able to review the proofs, I couldn’t believe that the person in the photos was me! Who I saw on the screen was the person I have always wanted the world to see and through this program, I was able to build the confidence to show it.

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