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Alysha Williams, LCSW | The Theranista

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Alysha Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, that has been in the mental health field for the last 6 years. However, when asked, Alysha will tell you she has been a Social Worker all her life. Being the person that all her friends confided in, from childhood traumas to the daily issues of life, Alysha offered an ear, her support and a solution as best as she could. Alysha’s career began in community mental health, working with adults experiencing severe and persistent mental illness. She then began to branch out and explore contracting as an Outpatient Therapist.

This is where Alysha’s interest piqued in regard to direct practice. Alysha obtained her Bachelors in Social Work from the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural &Technical State University and her Master of Social Worker from the University North Carolina at Pembroke.

Alysha launched her passion career as a Creative Director and Stylist in 2018, with Fetch Fashions. Alysha will tell any and everyone she began taking fashion styling seriously when God instructed her to do so.

It has been an act of obedience that honestly keeps her surprised daily, even at her own abilities. Alysha has had the pleasure to work alongside notable creatives such as Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily and Celebrity Stylist, J. Bolin.

She has also worked with established businesses in apparel and beauty. Alysha’s perspective when working alongside these great creatives is to ensure they (individual, client and/or business) look and feel good about how they’re presented.

Whether it’s look or feel, Alysha strongly believes in, ‘First impressions are everything’. Out of this, the Theranista was birthed.

Alysha lives by looking as good as you feel and feeling as good as you look. Ultimately, you cannot truly enjoy one without the other.

The term Theranista was coined out of the combined passion for mental wellness and chic style. Alysha thrives off of the razzle dazzle of life and believes that everyone should experience it internally and externally.

So, go ahead and book a consultation for Styling, Therapy or even both. Let’s get you looking and feeling good as soon as possible.

Connect with Alysha: 

IG/Twitter: @Theranista 


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