Live the Life You Deserve With Creative Affirmations

Tired of Struggling and Wondering Why You Aren't Further Along in Your Personal and Professional Life?

Let me know if this sounds like you:

  • You want to be successful, but sometimes it feels like you're stuck in a rut and can't seem to get out;
  • You know you're capable of more, but you don't know how to make the changes you need in your life; and/or,
  • You've tried several things, but nothing has worked so far.

I can feel you nodding your head in agreement because I've been exactly where you are.

Hi, I'm Dr. Charity C. Campbell but my clients and students call me, "Dr. C". I live to help fellow multi-passionate millennial professionals just like you discover their purpose and create positive change in their lives.

If You've Failed At Reaching Your Goals In The Past, You're In For A Marvelous Surprise!

Most people try to use general affirmations that someone else created to see holistic change in their life – but those who succeed understand that the true change happens when you discover your personal power and create personalized affirmations.

That is unquestionably a necessary thing to do. It’s a proven practice to help us become a better version of ourselves.

But there’s one huge, looming problem…

You feel like you're just spinning your wheels and not accomplishing anything. You have tried affirmations but you didn't see the same results that others have seen.

We know that affirmations are powerful, but most people never take the time to learn about affirmations; they only recite them and, as a result, they never see the transformational benefits that come from using them. 

It's truly enough to make you tired and frustrated.

But Hold UP

It Doesn't Have to Be That Way...

Instead of spending hours searching the internet for ways to counter negative self-talk, imagine if you were able to create your own power statements and unlock the secret to seeing those statements manifest into the life of your dreams.

Would that interest you?

Here’s your answer: 

Become a Master Manifestor by Banishing Negative Thoughts!

Here Are 7 Good Reasons Why Creating Power Statements Is The Best Way to Achieve The Success You Crave...


Transform your life by telling yourself what you want

You won't need to keep searching for affirmations. Find the words that work best for you to create change in your life and spend less time searching and more time speaking what you desire to see into existence.


Develop an unstoppable belief in the power of positive thinking

With creative affirmations you're going to be able to transform your thoughts into positive statements that'll open your mind, energize you and give you the creative power to change your life.


Speaks directly to your subconscious mind

Create new pathways that will  allow you to achieve your dreams. Since most of us don't understand the power of our own subconscious mind, we often sabotage ourselves with limiting beliefs.


Use affirmations to counter negative self-talk

Remember all of those times that you were told “you can do anything if you set your mind to it,” but it didn't happen? Well, that's because the only thing more important than what you say is how you feel about it.


Create a positive mindset by repeating your affirmations out loud or in your mind

Spending just a few minutes a day will help you to naturally develop a positive mindset.


Identify the subconscious fears and limiting beliefs holding you back so that you can finally overcome them

In order to make any positive changes in your life, you have to identify and let go of the thoughts that hold you back from creating a life of purpose.


Improve your self-esteem and self-image

Some of the most difficult times in your life have been caused by a deep depression or an incredibly low sense of self-worth. But when using creative affirmations, you'll begin seeing myself in a totally new light and develop the confidence to succeed.

You can't counter residual negative energy by just thinking positively – you must go beyond the limits of your conscious mind.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and instead tap into the power of creative affirmations. And that’s why you’re going to want to take advantage of today's special offer…

Introducing AFFIRMATIONS ACADEMY – The Surefire Way to Unleash the Power of Your Words Without Spending A Ton of Money!

This course shows you how to stop allowing negative thoughts and words spoken over you dominate and derail your purpose, and start transforming your life in a way that's empowering and invigorating!

Here’s what you get when you order now:

  • You’ll find a simple trick for banishing negative thoughts and unlocking the secrets to seeing your power statements manifest into the life of your dreams - no more feeling helpless!

  • You’ll discover the quick and easy way to eliminate self-sabotage that produce limiting beliefs and feelings of inadequacy!
  • You’ll learn the one thing you should NEVER do if you want to create a revolution in your subconscious mind and finally start seeing your dreams and desires become a reality!
  • You’ll uncover the secret to building a bulletproof psychological vision board that you can use to create powerful statements that will give you the confidence to take action.
  • You'll get a comprehensive list of tools to help you relax your mind and achieve clarity than ever before!
  • Don’t have a lot of money to spend?  Don’t worry because you’re not going to have to make a massive investment in order to start making changes in your life.
  • You’ll get my personal formula for turning any goal into a strategic statement of purpose, so you can begin living the life you deserve.
  • You’ll get a complete set of resources to help you create affirmations that not only feel great but powerfully shift your psychological state and transform your words into reality.
  • You’ll find out which words to use and which to stay away from when creating your power statements to achieve your goals faster and more easily than you ever thought possible.
  • You’ll discover a surprising way to create your statements, so you can attract abundance without feeling like you’re grasping at straws or selling out – this is so easy, you’ll wish you had known about this years ago!
  • You’ll understand the top three mistakes people make when they create their statements, so you can avoid the pitfalls that stop most people from creating lasting results.
  • Are you short on time? Then you’re going to love this secret technique for creating statements in less than 60 seconds!

And so much more - this course has everything you'll need to produce strong statements that will aid you in your efforts to better yourself in a more effective and efficient way with confidence!


So, you’re liking what you see. You know you want to start taking the right steps that will have a powerful, positive and permanent strategy for achieving your goals. But you have a question – how much is it?

Let me ask you a question…

Would You Trade $500 For An Easy-To-Follow Blueprint That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals As Soon As Possible?


I’m not kidding. If you order now, you can get everything you see on this page for less than the cost of a weekend getaway with friends - just $297, less than $1 a day.

  1. 1

    Acquire a proven strategy to change your life for the better with affirmations

  2. 2
    Improve relationships, finances, and health with affirmations
  3. 3

    Get step by step instructions on how to create effective affirmations that will help you achieve your goals

But Wait...

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  • Discover how to change your life for the better with affirmations.
  • Achieve your goals more easily than you ever thought possible.
  • Feel supported and encouraged on your journey to self-improvement.
  • Transform your life in a way that feels empowering and exciting.



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That price may raise your eyebrows. Maybe you’re wondering how I can give away so much for such a small price.

It’s pretty simple. The truth is, my desire is to see you succeed and my goal is to help as many people as I can. I want you to start seeing results and living your dream life.

The bottom line is that you’re getting a GREAT deal. And to sweeten the pot even more, I’m going to throw in this bonus…

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About the Author

In 2009, I was living out of my car, messing with the wrong people, and working for a company that I put my all into but didn’t see the promised returns.

Fast forward 12 years later - I am a doctor of management and a world-class millennial global leader, multi-passionate entrepreneur, academic professional, international speaker, global mentor, and digital OD (organization development) & leadership specialist helping millennial multi-passionate ???????????? go from clutter to clarity, improve communication skills, and harness their greatest potential without losing balance.

All because I learned how to create powerful statements!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m offering you a 5-day unconditional guarantee. If you don’t agree that this is the best way to use affirmations to create the life you want, just let me know and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

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P.S. Once you start using the Affirmations Academy, the possibilities are endless. You have absolutely nothing to lose! That’s why I’m offering you a 5-day unconditional guarantee. If you don’t agree that this is the best way to use affirmations to create the life you want, just let me know and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

This takes all the risk off of you and puts it squarely on my shoulders, so click here to order now…

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