How a reluctant millennial turned lessons of hardship into authentic global leadership

It's 2008-2011. I'm barely scraping by.

7 Evictions

I was evicted from 7 apartments because I couldn't afford them. I was broke and didn't have any money, no matter how many jobs I had

1 Car Repossessed

My car was repossessed a few short months after hiding it on different street corners because I couldn't afford the monthly payments

1 Failed Business

I had a failing business because I did not know how to market it. I was trying to do everything myself and it was not working.

I had suffered an emotional breakdown due to a called-off wedding engagement, turned over to alcoholism and started losing in life.

I didn't think I would survive.

I was starting to lose hope but I kept reminding myself that there simply had to be more to life than what I was currently experiencing. This couldn't possibly be the "more abundant life" that Christ talked about in the bible.

I needed to find a way to live this "more abundant life," although no matter what I did, I couldn't seem to find it. It felt like my life was spiraling out of control and I didn't know what to do anymore.

I started reading self-help books, listening to motivational speakers, watching documentaries on personal development and attending seminars looking for answers. 

Step 1: mindset change

I began looking deeper within and started studying the mindsets of successful people in order to discover my own path to genuine success. At this point, I wasn't afraid to lose it all because I had nothing more to lose.

I was now willing to do whatever it took, putting in the work and effort necessary to achieve my goals. I went back to school to continue my masters and doctorate.

step 2: transform

I reinvented myself through transforming my mind and the words that I allowed to come out of my mouth. God gave me the grace and strength needed to transform.

I repeat.

God gave me the grace and strength needed to transform.


I am living the life of my dreams as a digital organization development and leadership specialist, international speaker and millennial global leader.

My life did a complete 180 and I am now enjoying the life of my dreams, living abroad, traveling the world, presenting at conferences, seminars and networking events, and running a successful digital organization.

I started offering my services to clients and organizations across the globe on a small scale that quickly blossomed into something far greater than I ever imagined!

In addition to clients in America, I've worked with clients from Australia, Ukraine, Germany, South Africa, Belgium, Nigeria, China, Turkey, Latvia, Costa Rica, the UAE, Portugal, Jamaica and Thailand just to name a few.

My experience expands across







step 3: global impact

What changed? How did I go from being a reluctant millennial who had almost given up on life to becoming an authentic global leader? It all comes down to learning from lessons of failure. 

I continued to work hard, persistently moving forward towards my goals with the help of God's grace, allowing Him to lead me through this journey. 

And You Know What? My Goals Won't Stop Here...

I've been through a lot, but I kept moving forward. All the pain and struggle has led me here to share my journey with you. My goal is to provide you with practical tips, knowledge and resources that will help you get from where you are today to living your best life.

In addition to helping you discover your purpose, achieve your goals, and create the life of your dreams, I'm still in pursuit of a few other dreams such as...

  • Being featured in magazines
  • Being featured in news media outlets
  • Featuring as a guest on radio shows/podcasts
  • And being featured in articles that are dedicated to empowering people to live their best lives through ultimate health and wealth.

Why Am I Sharing Those Goals With You?

Because I want you to know that you're invited to join me in this journey of ultimate health and wealth.

I want to share with you how I went from being a reluctant millennial who had given up on life to becoming an authentic global leader that has reinvented herself through transforming her mind and words, learning from lessons of failure, continuing my masters and doctorate in order to master myself so that I can hopefully help you do the same.

I am currently writing my second book, co-authoring a few academic publications and working on some other projects that I am keeping under wraps for now. ? Make sure you stay connected during this next chapter of manifestation in my life.

I'm not sharing these goals with you to brag about what I've achieved and will soon achieve; no, I'm sharing these goals with you to let you know that if I can do it, so can you!

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Dr. C's Bio

Dr. Charity C. Campbell, DM, RODC (Dr. C) is a doctor of management, world-class millennial global leader, multi-passionate entrepreneur, academic professional, international speaker, and mentor. Now as the digital OD and leadership specialist for millennial ????????????, Dr. C helps fellow millennial multi-passionate ???????????? go from clutter to clarity, improve communication skills, and harness their greatest potential without losing balance. 

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