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14: ✨Multipassionate Entrepreneur – Can You Really Do It All?✨

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You’re listening to ??? ???????’ ??? podcast where we talk all things leadership, communication and, learning how to balance multiple passions as a millennial professional.

I’m your host, Dr. Charity C. Campbell affectionately known as Dr. C and I can’t wait to dig into today’s topic!

1. Excited to start a new series! We just completed a 7-week series on transforming negative self-talk to positive affirmations and becoming your best self. This week, we are beginning a new series that is primarily focused on being a multipassionate entrepreneur and how to not lose balance in the process.
2. You CAN be a successful MPE and manage multiple brands and businesses, but you must have organization/management skills. 
i. What is a multipassionate entrepreneur?
1. Marie Forleo – early 2000’s – Embrace your passions, position it properly for the story you want to tell, play in private, relish obscurity – try random ideas and experiments while you’re not well-known, do not try to turn everything into a business (everything doesn’t have to be one business), give 0 ducks about what other people think.
2. Many historical figures were multipassionate entrepreneurs
* Leonardo Divinci
* Maya Angelou
* Bezalel – Ex. 35:30-35 NLT

1. Who is Bezalel?
Read Exodus 35:30-35 NLT
* Wisdom, ability and Expertise in All kinds of crafts (master craftsman)
* Expert in working with gold, silver, and bronze (goldsmith)
* Skilled in engraving and mounting gemstones (Jeweler)
* Skilled in carving wood (carpenter)
* Teacher, trainer, coach (the ability to teach his skills to others)
* Skilled in designing, embroidery and weaving (designer and embroiderer)

* Sometimes God will give you an idea and you think you’re supposed to act on it immediately, but He’s not giving you the strategy of how to begin building it. God is the ultimate creator, ok?? He’s not going to give you an idea without giving you a strategy. Sometimes, it may take a while – even a few years – before He gives you the strategy because He may be giving you the idea so you can write it down for a future time. Jer. 29:11 talks about God knowing the plans that He has for you…plans usually have timelines and specific deadlines. It means that in His timing, He will give you the wisdom, understanding and knowledge necessary to build, organize, manage and launch the idea.

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