12.25.20 Affirmation


(Audio Post)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, fellow MPEs and Millennial Leaders! ? ?

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday.

I love giving gifts to my loved ones and expecting to see joy on their faces.

But let’s be real for a moment.

Sometimes, we give gifts that we think people would like and appreciate and expect them to respond in the same way we would. When that response or reaction doesn’t match our expectations, it may bruise our egos or make us feel “some kinda way.”

Over the years, I’ve learned that in order to protect my own peace of mind and holiday cheer, I should let go of my expectations.

This is not a bad thing!

Letting go of our expectations frees us from the psychological bondage that we impose on ourselves, and to be honest, those we claim to love.

If you love someone or care about them, you wouldn’t want their to be any tension between the two of you, simply because you were disappointed in the way the received a gift from you, right?

If you are honest with yourself and able to say, “Dr. C, you’re talking to me!” I challenge you to release any expectations you may be holding on to during this season. Not only that, but I also challenge you to give love and respect to the people in your life, no matter what you get back on this Christmas Day. ?

Okay…enough chit chat!

Are you ready for our special holiday affirmation? ♥️

Remember to repeat after me and say it like you mean it. ??

“Today I release my expectations of others and I give love no matter what I get back.”

Are the holidays usually a positive or negative experience for you? Share your experiences with me if you don’t mind!

Please let me know how this special holiday edition affirmation makes you feel in the comments section below??.

Tis the season for festive vibes only,

– Dr. C ♥️

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