12.18.20 Affirmation

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Congratulations on making it to another Friday, fellow MPEs and Millennial Leaders!

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the tasks and responsibilities that our jobs, businesses, brands and projects require of us.

No matter how well-constructed our planners may be – whether daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – life happens and comes at us fast. This can often cause us to lose our balance for a moment and cause potential setbacks.

When this happens, don’t lose hope or throw in the towel!

These things happen to teach us become resilient and use our creative minds to find alternative solutions and resources to still get the job done.d

Today’s affirmation is a reminder that our words can serve as a tool to keep us focused on the task at hand.

No matter what happened prior to this very moment, you can still shape your day by shifting your words in the right direction.

It is my hope and prayer that these words will encourage you and ease your mind as you realize that everything you need to succeed today is already within you.

Are you ready for our this week’s affirmation? ♥️

Remember to repeat after me and say it like you mean it. ??⁠

“I am well-prepared to accomplish every task that awaits me today.”

Please let me know how this affirmation could be applied to your morning (or evening) routine in the comments section below??.

Cheers to the weekend,

– Dr. C ♥️

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