1.1.21 Affirmation

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(Audio Post)

Do you realize that you didn’t just make it to another Friday, but another year?!?! ?

It’s insane how slowly, yet so quickly, 2020 came and went.

This year, I challenge you to guard your hearts and minds with love and peace. Anyone or anything that may have offended or bothered you up until 2020, release them/it.

This isn’t for them; it’s for you.

When we hold on to offenses and issues that bother us, we hold ourselves hostage with negative feelings and toxic thoughts. However, when we choose to forgive and let [it] go, that’s when healing can begin.

Today’s affirmation is a declaration to release everything toxic that may be keeping up from moving forward.

No matter what happened prior to this very moment, you can still shape your day by shifting your words in the right direction.

It is my hope and prayer that these words will encourage you to release negative and toxic energy so you can really experience success and holistic health.

Are you ready for our first affirmation for 2021? ♥️

Remember to repeat after me and say it like you mean it. ??⁠

“I am no longer a prisoner of negative and toxic emotions. I forgive and release anyone that has offended me because when I forgive, I open up myself to divine deliverance and holistic health and wellness.

Please let me know how this affirmation could be applied to your morning (or evening) routine in the comments section below??.

Cheers to a peaceful and prosperous 2021,

– Dr. C ♥️

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