I help creative professionals

discover the power of prayer and unlock their full potential through mindset shifts and management systems.

Dr. Charity C. Campbell, D.M.


Say what you see until you see what you say!

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Mantles. Mindsets. Management.

I offer personal, spiritual and professional development for millennial creatives


Are you ready to balance being a multipassionate entreleader and learn how to effectively build, organize, launch and manage your online brands and businesses with proven organization development practices? Begin your journey today!


Diligent, patient, communicative, attentive, optimistic, cooperative, ambitious, courageous and innovative are just a few of the characteristics that make an effective leader.

Are you a leader? If so, what kind?


Communication has the power to build or break any foundation.

You just have to know how to use it to get the right results! Join in on the continued discussion on defining communication.

Praise and Testimonials

I learned how to properly brand my business to captivate my audience...discovered some free and practical tools I can use to create a professional online presence!

Unique B.

I needed to pivot but I felt stuck. Dr. Campbell helped me to focus on my tasks and to stay on target...I'm better for it and so are my businesses!

Charis t.

Dr. Campbell was tough when I needed the push and gave room for rest when I needed it...I have everything I need to share my products with the world.

Keyelle m.

Dr. Campbell’s style of coaching stands out from other coaches because  she can reroute you in a positive direction, without micromanaging.

alissandra w.

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About Dr. C

former Cross-Cultural Organizational Communication Specialist, is a Digital Organization Development (OD) and Leadership Specialist, Academic Professional,  University Lecturer and Millennial Multipassionate Entrepreneur who resides in Dalian, China. From 2003 to 2017 before relocating to China, Dr. Campbell served in non-profit and for-profit organizations in multiple roles such as Creative Media Director (9.5 years), Advanced ESL Instructor (4 years), Interpreter/Translator (4 years), Business English Teacher (1 year) and more.

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